Parking Permits  
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Parking security

Unfortunately, parking lots and garagesare a common setting for crimes like abduction or assault. In fact, around 80% of the criminal acts at shopping centers, strip malls, and offices occur in the parking lot.For one, people are predictably vulnerable; they can be busy, distracted, alone, and carrying their valuables. The locations themselves can also be harrowing: dim, unfenced, unmonitored, and isolated. Yet parking managers can take steps towards drastically decreasingthese risks, deterring crimes, avoiding lawsuits, protecting clientele, and ultimately boosting profits by having a reputably safe locale. Have a risk analysis performed before finalizing any security plans—but here is a list of effective precautions to consider for any parking facility.
Permits allow you to monitor who accesses your lot or garage, helping you to quickly identify any unauthorized vehicles. Changing your tags or decals seasonally allows you keep an up-to-date list of employees or guests.
Sufficient lighting not only works as a crime deterrent in its own right, it also enhances the effectiveness of other security measures you may have in place, such as CCTV, emergency phones, or patrols. Security lighting is most needed in areas where there is little to no natural light, increasing visibility, eliminating dark corners, and even improving parking jobs themselves.
Make sure that every point in the parking area is illuminated by at least two (and preferably four) lighting poles; additionally, poles should be mounted at boundaries and barriers. The lights should be mounted at a minimum height of 20 ft. Entrances, exits, and loading zones should be at least twice as brightly lit as the adjacent parking areas. A one foot-candle is the bare minimum for visibility, but two foot-candles are recommended for attendant parking areas (in order to limit vehicle damage) and five foot-candles are ideal for spots that hold a business attraction or customer convenience.
Security Camera Surveillance
Parking garage or lot CCTV can prevent theft, boost customer confidence, avoid liability issues, protect staff (by providing remote monitoring), and help investigate crimes. Prioritize placing cameras in remote areas or near entrances and exits. It can be more effective to position the camera to record the faces of passersby while they enter rather than leave, in order to avoid distortions from natural light behind them.
Emergency Phones
Installing Emergency Call Stations that connect to local police or parking security enables customers to quickly get help or call for an escort in a dicey situation. Make sure these stations are brightly lit and accompanied by signs to help passersby effectively spot and utilize them. These call stations, like all security measures, have the added boon of increasing the comfort and confidence of your employees and customers.
Parking Attendants
Having actual personnel to monitor your property is always ideal. If you do have parking attendants who monitor your lot or garage, ensure that they vary their routes and times, wear bright and easily recognized uniforms, and are available by phone or radio in case of an emergency occurs while they are patrolling the property.
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Make sure to post security signs, increasing crime deterrence while notifying your customers and employees.